May 13, 2019

Hi people of the internet. I just want to give you guys an update about life and as to why I've been quiet and not posting on my blog. Well let me give you a rundown.



After doing the photoshoot with my bff Danah, it was pretty quiet with life. It was the usual eat, work, home, sleep. Then at the end of the month, my family got a dog! Coco! After years and years of wanting to have a pet, we finally got one. I will post another blog solely dedicated to Coco!


With Coco being home with us, it was pretty easy to get into a new routine of having her in our daily lives. So the month went on pretty tame. But then my dating life had a bit of bump. I met a someone who was really interested in me, kinda creepy at first but I thought maybe I should give it a go. At first it was cute and I felt that we had really genuine connection. It was nice actually, I wasn't bitter during Valentine's Day which was very surprising. For the first time, I actually was able to open up to my parents about my dating life. That was big, for me to finally be comfortable and my parents to finally understand me, it was a such a big relief. However, cracks became more prominent and it was hard to ignore the difficulties that I had with him. At first I thought it was just him being silly, but I started to notice that he would always take fault in everything I say and use it against me that I've been in Canada for so long, my age and being white washed. Then it became more obvious that he was an extreme version of me. Meaning that if I'm volatile, then he was explosive. It felt like I'm tasting my own medicine. So with that I decided to end it and realize that I'm still not in the place to be in a relationship.




March however, there was a bit of a shake up. First was I got to do a mini photoshoot with my brother when the weather warmed up a bit. I got a temporary promotion as the manager of one of our sister properties. I did not see this coming at all. I was pretty surprised, even though it was only temporary, that is still a big deal. The reason why was the present manager ran into a tough situation that the company had to temporarily replace him. Enter me. Since I have been one of the longest employee of the company, I was next in line to a higher position. As overwhelming it was all to take in, it was such a proud moment for me. Having your hard work be recognized and be valued, means so much to me. I told my friend Kyrene that "I'm not saying I'm dedicated to my job but..." she cut me off saying "you are dedicated to you job". Not that she is not true, it is nice to see that people see that I'm in it for the long run with the career that I've chosen. All my life I wanted to follow my dad's footsteps of being a successful manager of a hotel, to be given the chance to fulfill that was a dream come true. 






A month into being a manager, my social life has been almost non existent. No that I'm complaining, I love what I'm doing but it does take a lot to handle many responsibilities and expected to succeed. I'm fortunate enough that my peers are supportive and wants me to succeed in this position. Even though it can be pretty stressful, I'm enjoying every single bit of it. Another success that happened was, my instagram post was featured by Frank and Oak on their instagram page. This was a pretty big deal for me. They are verified account and they noticed my photo! Also Kyrene was finally back in town, she has been up in the air literally, now that she is a flight attendant! Woot woot! So that was really good to see her.

I've done a reflection over the last few months that maybe I needed that time off from other things and focus on what is important. To be given all these blessings, I asked myself why am I getting these blessing, do I deserve these? But then to think of it, after a rough end to 2018, I think that God did put me to test. If I can get through those, then something good will come out in the end and I feel like it did.



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